Be Present To What Is Happening Now

This weekend I went surfing. A lot of the time is spent waiting on your board, watching approaching waves, and deciding which ones to try to ride. Some waves look huge as they approach, but then end up being much different when they get to you. Others appear small but end up being great. The truth is that you never really know for sure how a wave is until it is past you, whether you decided to ride on it or not.

A lot of things we encounter in life are the same way. Events which look like they are going to be trivial, or routine, end up having something happen which impacts us forever. Things we think are going to be a huge highlight end up not going as we expected. The bottom line is that making any decisions of how something is going to be for us before it even happens is wasted energy. Worrying about something in our future, even if you did know for sure how things were going to go, is still energy which is better spent living in the moment.

Be present to what is happening now. It is a great way to be in your essence.


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