Your Integrity Is Your Most Valuable Possession

Watching the football story this week has been very sad. It goes without saying that domestic violence should not happen and it is awful, but I am thinking today about the actions of the commissioner. For years he has been known for being inconsistent with punishment and acting not in the interest of safety, but this has always been forgivable. No one said that he should be out of office because he did not put safety first. Now, it is clear that he lied about a past investigation, and suddenly many people are petitioning that he should be removed from office.

Always remember that your integrity is the most valuable thing you have. Giving it away is a choice that you make, and it is extremely difficult, or impossible,to get that back. Of course readers of this blog have learned about forgiveness and extending trust, but not everybody lives in their essence. This commissioner will never be looked at in the same way again.

Your integrity is your most valuable possession. Giving it away is a choice which you should likely not make.

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