One wonderful thing about living here is that the ocean not only provides a wonderful place to ride a bike, but the city makes sure it is safe with a bike lane. While riding there this weekend, there was more than one time where I just tuned out for a couple minutes. I continued riding but was almost not conscious of where I was going, traveling maybe a mile while lots of thoughts went through my head.

Meditating is very healthy for us. It lowers stress, blood-pressure, anxiety, and body pain, it promotes emotional steadiness, happiness, clarity, and personal transformation. Despite all these benefits, many people do not make time to do it. While my recommendation is certainly to make this time, if that is truly not going to happen for you then I strongly encourage you to find things like my beach bike ride. It really can be any type of activity, some people achieve it through cleaning, or cooking, or art, or perhaps in a yoga class. Whatever the actual activity may be, it is very healthy to have it, and in fact to seek it.

Mediate. Even if it absolutely cannot mean the traditional way, find a way to do it anyway.

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