To Change Your Stripes

Inspiration today comes from a wonderful mural I saw in my town, the artist is named Dan Crawford. Here, one tiger makes the decision to change his stripes by leaving the shelter of the umbrella. He has no idea what his stripes will become as a result of the rainbow, he only knows that he will change by leaving the umbrella.

Do you want to change something about yourself? Whatever it is, you will never know up front how it will look in the end. The only thing you know today is that if you put in the work and leave your comfort zone, you will change. Many people feel they want to change, but then as soon as it becomes evident that leaving their comfort zone is necessary, that little voice talks them into how things are fine. If playing it safe like that is what you want, and you want things to continue how they are going now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if you truly want things to change, you’re going to have to step out of the umbrella of your comfort zone once in awhile, with no idea how it will end up.

To change your stripes, you need to be willing to step under the rainbow.


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