I have spoken with several different people this week who are in various stages of dating. When you go out with somebody, and afterward they do not want to see you again, this is not a fun experience. Rejection never makes us feel good, however many of us take this much further and let it define us. Similar things happen as we look for a job, or for clients. One or two rejections suddenly can change our outlook for the worse if we are not careful.

The next time you find yourself in this place of rejection, truly identify your feelings. You may have had a good time with this person, or you may really have wanted this job, but when we live in abundance that is not a big problem. There is always another person, there is always another job. The important thing is not to let the rejection define us. You will never know what is happening on the other person’s side, but it does not matter. From your essence, rejection just means that you are on to the next endeavor, it does not mean that there is anything wrong with you.

Rejection is never fun, but how it impacts you is completely your decision.


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