Commitment Is Difficult

There are exciting parts to big goals. When you meet that great person and you’re super-excited for the first date, there is nothing like it. There is also nothing like the excitement of the day when you marry them. Similarly for some big project in business, when you start out you are likely imagining the end goal, picturing how great it will be, and when you reach that end goal it feels amazing. Imagine you are training for a marathon. That first run or two probably feels awesome, all you can think about is how great it will be to cross the finish line. Indeed, when you cross the finish line, life is great. But the 20 mile training runs in between likely feel very difficult, and do not have the same excitement.

No one doubts the greatness of the beginning or the end, but there is a whole middle part that doesn’t have the same excitement. The middle part is hard work, with lots of tough days. These are the days when we often talk ourselves into something else. Maybe I didn’t really want to run a marathon, maybe I wanted to write a book instead. Maybe I didn’t really want a million dollar business, I wanted to keep working at my job, it’s not so bad. And with these thoughts the entire cycle restarts with the next idea, or the next big project.

Commitment is difficult. When you make a commitment, it is your commitment. No one said it would be easy, that is what makes it great when you get there.


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