Never Look For Meaning From Text

When you send electronic communication to someone else, whether it be email or text, what do you expect in return? Are you of the belief that the other person has a certain amount of time to reply before being rude? Do you believe there is more meaning inside that the recipient "should" be able to understand? As humans we are made to interact in person. We are not designed to communicate everything electronically, no matter how cool our phones are. Of all the irony, 30 years ago this same post could have been written to say "don’t say on the phone what you can say in person" and it likely would have had very similar meaning, today a phone call would be a nice step up from a short text message.

Today I invite you to try sending all electronic communication without entitlement. As humans we are made to interact in person. When you communicate via any sort of electronic means, you have no idea what context the recipient will assign to it when they read it. Knowing this, do not react badly if you do not get the type of reply you wanted, or when you wanted, and do not look into any type of "tone" which comes from the response. This is your context being applied to somebody else’s communication.

Never look for meaning from text. If you do use it, keep the meaning-making to an absolute minimum, and aim to communicate in person.


2 thoughts on “Never Look For Meaning From Text

  1. David, thanks for this post. In this era where everything is about communicating on a computer screen instead of face to face, this is a welcome departure. To let you know, I posted it on my social media sites.

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