When Great Things Come To You

Sometimes there are goals where we set them, we continue to work extremely hard, and despite many thoughts of quitting, we eventually get there. This likely describes some courses you’ve taken, weight loss programs, perhaps relationships, and of course eventually meeting the goals is a wonderful feeling. Interestingly, this context where huge hurdles are needed to reach goals can stick with us.

When we are truly living in our essence, often things do not seem as difficult. We may be doing the work, but it feels much less like work and much more like enjoyment. I have spoken with several people recently who have had great things happen to them but kept a "work needs to be hard and/or unpleasant" context. Great things come to people in their essence, but they are still looking for the unpleasantness which it took to get to there. It actually becomes somewhat difficult to accept that something great happens without huge hurdles.

When great things come to you, it is likely an indication that you are living in your essence. You did the work to get there, and you deserve anything that comes to you from this place of greatness because you are at your highest and best. Hurdles which are unpleasant do not always need to be a huge part of your process.


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