Your Value Is Always Determined By You

If you are seeking someone romantically and you go on a date with them, there’s a fair chance that it might not go well. This is true regardless of how good either person looks, how nice they are, what the activity was, or where they met. Similarly if you go on a job interview or to discuss potential business, maybe everything will go great, but maybe it will not. You never really know until at least things are already underway. You also have no idea what is happening with the other party, why they ultimately agree with you or not.

Interestingly, many of us give a lot of power to the opinion of this other party. Knowing there is a fair chance that things will not work out, we get upset and wonder what is wrong with us when it does not go well with the other party. Somehow we often put more stock in the opinion of somebody that we hardly know than in ourselves.

Your value is always determined by you. The next time you put yourself out there, remember that things might not work out. Remember that there are always other options. And remember that your value is determined by you, not by somebody else. Choosing to let someone else define your value, good or bad, gives away your power.


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