Stand For Greatness

People who we love will not always do exactly what we want them to do. People we love may be less clean than we want, not always nice, not quite as employable as we want them to be, not always in control of emotions, or many many other things. This is part of life and it always will be, as we are likely a long way away from someone inventing robots to do everything exactly as we want them to.

The real question is who are you going to be when someone you love does not do everything exactly as you like. It is already a guarantee that this will happen, so how are you going to react? Will you choose to make them wrong? Will you make the decision to be upset? Or will you instead realize that this is part of life?

Stand for greatness. Make the decision to accept people however they are and let them know that you support them even when they are not at their highest and best. Watch how this changes your world.

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