Declare and Fulfill

Many of us have big goals. They can be in any realm of life, maybe it is meeting or moving forward with a mate, or a new career, or to lose a certain amount of weight. Unfortunately, any goal worth having does not come with an instruction manual. There is not a list of steps which can be followed, if there was then everyone, including you, would already have met the same goal.

When it comes to getting somewhere big, the first step is to declare that you truly want to get there, and declaring that you will get there. This is always first, and this step must always be done without true knowledge of how the process will go. Remember, if there was any list of steps which could be followed, then it would not be a goal, it would be already completed. The declaration always must happen first.

Declare and fulfill. When you truly want something, if that something is worth having then the declaration needs to happen first.

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