After Awareness Comes A Choice

As I’ve said many times on this blog, awareness is always the first step. Until there is awareness of what you are doing, or who you are being, to bring things to you. If you feel you are in a pattern, whether it is in dating, or in career, it is always a reflection of who you are being.

After awareness comes a powerful choice. Most people do things until they cannot afford to do them anymore. An alcoholic does not stop heavy drinking because they want to try something new, they stop because a tragic event happens as a result of their drinking. Any other habit is the same principle, therefore this choice needs to be made with power. It needs to be said as "I am tired of this pattern, I am going to change it by choosing to change this behavior" and then acted upon with nothing but commitment. Anything less is essentially waiting for a tragic event which has you unable to continue.

After awareness comes a choice. If there is anything in your life which is a pattern that you’d like to break, make a choice and break it.

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