We Make Time For Our Priorities

Listening to clients and friends in relationships, romantic or otherwise, one thing I hear more than any other is that there is frustration about connecting or the other person seems too busy. Some people are busy and have a lot of things going on at the same time, but ultimately we make time for things that we want to make time for. If you need a reminder of this, look up stories about President Obama spending time with family. He has the most important and demanding of all jobs, yet he still makes this time.

If you find yourself answering "I wanted to but I was too busy" more than once or twice, it is time to examine if this is something that you really wanted to do. We tend to make time if and only if the activity is something we wanted. When we do not make time, there is likely something we can learn about ourselves. Conversely, if another person never seems to have time for us, this is likely telling us more than they are busy. Someone who wants to make spending time with you a priority will find a way to do so, and often these discussions with clients and friends are not acknowledging this.

We make time for our priorities. This is important to keep in mind both in ourselves and in others.


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