Performance Is Not Being

A lot of times when we first meet somebody, we are putting on a performance of sorts. It is not truly us, it is what we believe to be a polished version of us. The same thing can happen on an interview, we are doing more performing and less being. Similarly, often what we put online is not our whole life, it is a performance. There is nothing wrong with this, most people online likely do not care when I am doing laundry or taking my dog outside, but it is important to know that ultimately what we have online is what we chose to present as part of our lives.

The interesting part happens when the performance stops and we go back to being. This is when we are truly being us. Often when I hear people wonder what went wrong when things seemed so good for so long, both in romance and in professional situations, the answer is often related to the fact that performance ended and being started. If this is a pattern you see, perhaps it is best to start thinking about being more than performing.

Performance is not being. Performance has its place in this world, but know when it is occurring.


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