Daily Thoughts Mean Everything

I thought about living in Southern California quite often when I lived in Maryland. This was especially true during the winter, but really it entered my mind almost every day. I had a truly great life in Maryland. I loved my job, my apartment, my activities, and a lot of people around me. But the frequency that I thought about Southern California showed that this was where I belonged, at least right now.

Some of us have a similar pattern of thoughts, there is something which is often in our mind. We may not “need” it in any way, but it keeps entering our thoughts. Maybe it’s a place to live, or having a dog, or a business idea. Maybe it’s a person that you met. There are any number of things it can be, but the important thing to remember is that if it enters your thoughts every day, there is a reason. You can work hard at avoiding it, always finding reasons to claim it isn’t for you, or you can address why it is always on your mind.

Daily thoughts mean everything. If something is on your mind every day, there is a reason.

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