If You Do Not Belong

There is a football player named Carson Palmer who did something very bold a few years ago. He was on a good team, getting paid a lot of money, and suddenly he came out publicly saying "This team is not a fit. I will not play for this team again. Hopefully I can play for another team, if not I will retire, but I will never play for them again." No one knows what happened behind the scenes, and he took a lot of criticism for saying it, but ultimately he was traded. Carson currently leads the team with the best record in the league, and interestingly enough, his old team has had 3 great years since then, probably the best 3 years in their history. They actively found a replacement, instead of just letting another option fall to them.

There is something here for everybody. Sometimes, things just are not a good fit. Two great people can be in a relationship and it just doesn’t work, without anything being "wrong" with either person. A job may just be a wrong fit for someone, no matter how many position changes or adjustments are made to try to make it work better, even if it’s a great employee and a great company. Someone living in one place may just not belong there. Some things just are not meant to be.

If you do not belong, move on gracefully and happily, without listing "reasons" why it is wrong. There do not need to be reasons, only an acknowledgement that it is not quite working. Sometimes a little awareness and work is all that is needed to tweak things, and sometimes it just isn’t meant to be.

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