FOMO Gives Away Power

This is the time of year when "Fear of Missing Out" is very prevalent, also known as FOMO. Walking into retail stores, one is intentionally led to believe that if something isn’t bought now, there will not be another chance for this product and/or this price. Retail stores have a lot of interest in doing this, the more people feel this way, the more they are inclined to buy, in fact they employ people whose job it is to make people feel this way.

I contend that this context spreads to a lot of other parts of our life. There are lots of places where we feel like it is "now or never" and we need to decide now. Even if there truly is a limited time, try not to let this fear factor into your decision. Remember all decisions are made from either love or fear, and when we are pushed against a time limit we usually are not choosing from love.

FOMO gives away power. You have as much power as you choose to have, do not seek ways to give it away.


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