Just Do It

A couple weeks ago, due to complete unavailability of options, I ended up substituting a Pilates class. I know absolutely nothing about Pilates. When I told this to the regular teacher, she told me to just do a bunch of core work and the class will be happy. I went in and did my best, making sure to act as professional as possible, and taught a class which was not only loved by everyone there, but led to them requesting that I teach it again. I am back teaching this week by popular demand, something I never thought was possible.

Of course there are some things which should not be done without proper training, but many other things absolutely can. A lot of times people really want to do something and just are not willing to get started. My words for them are usually "just start!" and let everything else come after that. Sometimes the first thing you need really is to just go do it. I didn’t become a successful blogger or coach or "Pilates" instructor by waiting until I got enough feedback that I was ready, I just went and did it to great results from the start. Consider the same with whatever you want to do, very often the first step is to just go do it and figure everything else out later.

Just do it. Whatever or wherever it is you want to do or be, just get up and start doing it or being it. It really is that simple if you decide it can be.

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