Eat Your Cake and Enjoy It

One funny thing I see as a yoga instructor is people feel extremely apologetic and guilty for missing a class. Maybe they went out to dinner, or just wanted to sleep late, or decided to be present as a parent, but then as soon as they see me they feel awful for missing the class. This is part of a context where things often are in opposition. Having a great meal means working out double tomorrow. Having a great income means someone else is left out. Moving somewhere great means leaving things behind.

If this sounds like you, then I invite you to truly be the owner of your choices. Instead of being sad that you missed one thing for another, own that you chose something different and be happy about the choice. There is never anything wrong with taking initiative and responsibility of your own happiness. No one else has your happiness as a top priority anyway, so there is no problem with you making it that way. If you decided that something else would serve you better at this moment, then be glad you recognized the choice, and never feel bad about it.

Eat your cake and enjoy it. The opposition context is all your own story, it does not have to be real unless you choose to make it.


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