Avoid Fear of Repercussion

Children act with very little fear of repercussion. They aren’t thinking about the potential injuries, or financial penalties, or clean-up, they just do what they find fun in the moment. While some vision of safety is likely a good idea, I contend that a lot of us could benefit by embracing this viewpoint much more. Worrying about repercussions seems to be the mature thing at the time, but often it does nothing but keep us out of the moment. Often it just serves to start a cycle of worrying.

When you truly identify what you want, spend more time thinking about doing and less time worrying. Chips will fall where they may, but often the "what can go wrong" questions are nothing more than hypothetical questions. They never become reality and all we did was waste energy. Even further, you have probably learned by now that when you act cautiously and avoid risk out of fear, something else unexpected manages to happen anyway.

Avoid fear of repercussion. Decide what you want and go get it. And if you need inspiration, spend some time with children!

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