Rely On Your Own Judgment

Sometimes we go through periods where a lot of our decisions do not work out. If you want to call it luck you can, but in reality this is simple mathematics. Even if 80% of your decisions are "good" ones, you are going to have 3 or 4 in a row be "bad" at some point. It is natural for us to see these streaks and declare that our judgment is not quite right, or decide that our gut feeling needs work. Today I will remind you that you do not have to make such a decision.

You can acknowledge that this is all a process and no decisions are truly "bad" as they provide learning opportunities. You can decide that it is truly a product of variance, and these streaks will happen. Whatever you do, do not take it as a sign that you should not trust your own decisions. Your decisions made you who you are, and for that alone you always trust that your decisions put you on a good path.

Rely on your own judgment. Regardless of what kind of "streak" you are on, believe in your process.

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