Wisdom is in Experiencing

There are people out there who read every self-help book known to man, and can quote it whenever something is happening. Others are able to draw on experience. While reading is great, as is learning from books, the true wisdom comes from actually having experiences. We can read about someone’s adventure and probably only remember it for a few weeks, or we can experience it and remember it for a lifetime. Experiencing also comes with knowing how you felt at that time, how you were in the moment at that exact time.

My general advice for people is to never turn down experiences. Given the chance to travel or to try something new or to meet someone new, it’s almost always a good idea. Certainly better than reading about it or watching it on TV. Even if it ends up being a complete disaster, this is a process which will serve you well down the road.

Wisdom is in experiencing. Never turn down chances to experience, and never feel bad if it does not go well. This is where your wisdom truly comes from.

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