Keep Your Accountability

I have had a bit of shoulder pain for the last month or so. With not much change in it, I went to see a PT and he gave me a list of exercises to do twice a day. For the first couple days I did them with no problem, and then the frequency faded. The shoulder pain was still there, albeit not as bad, but I wasn’t sticking with the exercises. I am telling this story because I contend that a lot of us have a similar situation. Maybe it’s a diet, or a long-term project, or a goal that you set long ago, where you started out with great excitement and then slowed down or stopped.

We all have goals. The beginning is always exciting, we start out on our path with great rigor. The goal, if we are fortunate enough to get there, is also great. Standing at the top of a mountain, knowing you hit your goal weight, chilling out on your new deck, these are the rewards and they are wonderful. But the big part in the middle, the part with lots of hard work, is never as fun. This is the part where we always seem to have something else to do, something else going on, and where re-focus is also needed.

This is one great reason why working with a coach is a great thing, because they provide the accountability. It’s not because you aren’t motivated or a hard-enough worker. Hopefully you believe that I am motivated and focused, but without mentioning it to my own coach it just never came up, and eventually when it wasn’t as bad, and I could "afford" to, I slowed down. Now I did mention it and I am resuming exercises, knowing my shoulder will be better much sooner than without them. If you are not fortunate enough to work with a coach, do not be afraid to have an accountability partner, someone with whom you check in with for your goals on a frequent basis, this is another great idea which keeps us in a place of responsibility.

Keep your accountability. Find a way to keep it, and keep it. Even the best of us get off track at times in one thing or another, and it does not mean there is anything "wrong" with us. It just means we need to re-balance toward our goal every once in awhile.

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