Make Time To Be Creative

Most of the time, we are not as busy as we think. Today’s culture is encouraging us to be busy all the time, always doing something to avoid sitting still and being with ourselves. Things like art, music, dancing, and writing are left as strictly play. I contend that many of us say "I will play when I have time" and then find that time does not often come.

Being creative stimulates parts of our brain which make us happy. Being creative encourages us to relax, to be content, and to work better when the time comes to work again. And above all that, it is fun! There is no reason not to be creative unless you are letting society dictate your actions. When the decision is truly yours, you will choose what is fun for you.

Make time to be creative. Make it your priority, first thing in the morning if you have to. Act like it is a priority for you, because it should be.


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