You Create Your World

This weekend I had a blast making food with my crock pot. I looked up several different recipes, picked 2 that sounded great, made one trip to the store to get everything for about 30 dollars, and now I have wonderful lunches and dinners for the week. There was a grand total of about 15 minutes of preparation time and cleaning, the rest of the cooking time I spent hiking through wonderful Southern California while my crock pot did the work. I chose to share this experience because so often I hear from people that they are having difficulty eating well. Usually the excuse is some combination of time, price, and knowledge, but all of these excuses fall under the umbrella of “story,” as they are not true. These excuses are part of the world that we choose to create, but only if we choose to create them. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from making great, healthy dishes in your own home, unless you choose to let excuses be reality. You create your world. Choosing to fill that world with excuses is your choice, as would be choosing to fill it with delicious healthy food. Make a great choice!

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