If I Had More Time…

Most of us take on a lot of things. Usually at least one job, family, being there for friends, possibly relationships, a few hobbies, self-care, and more. But that still does not make it right to say "I don’t have time" for something that we really want to do. Imagine for a second that your fantasy person called you right now and asked if you can meet tonight, but it had to be tonight. One way or another, you would find a way to make that happen. Now, if instead it was a question of when to read a training book for work, you probably would not have as much enthusiasm, and the time is likely a little bit harder to find.

The takeaway here is that you always have time. No matter how busy you are, if you want something, you will find a way to fit it into your life. If you continuously find yourself saying that you do not have time, then you need to evaluate whether it is something you really want.

If I had more time… is maybe something you say, but not something you truly mean. Find out the context behind it.

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