You Always Have Options

Last week I needed to buy new razor blades. I used to use Gillette, they are great but very expensive. Upon a friend’s recommendation, I bought from Dollar Shave Club, which was much cheaper and comparable quality. It turns out that their razors are made by another company named Dorco, from whom they buy in bulk and resell in much smaller quantities for a markup. Until very recently, Dorco only sold blades in huge bulk, ordering from Dorco meant paying for a huge supply of blades. (In fact the recent change at Dorco was a response to the success of Dollar Shave Club.)

I am telling this story to show something very interesting about Dollar Shave Club. They are a small operation founded by a man who saw a void in his life, he had to choose between super-expensive razors or buying in bulk, and he wanted a more reasonable third choice. Now this man is making a lot of money providing this great third choice for many consumers, including me.

You always have options. Whenever you see a situation in your life where none of the choices are huge winners, think outside the box for a solution. A solution often exists if you are willing to be open to something different. Even if this man didn’t start a business, he likely could have found 10 friends to make the bulk purchase worth it. And as a bonus, if you see a void like this, it’s almost definite that other people feel the same way as you. Remember that it doesn’t take enrollment from a huge percentage of the population to run a very profitable business.


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