Bring Art To Your Life

Yesterday I did another painting class. In these classes the teacher gives you "instructions" which are better described as guidelines. They tell you what part to do next and suggest a color, but the execution is completely up to you. Everyone has different ideas of what to do, and that is the best part of the class. Different ideas mean that everyone has different art in the end, and ultimately this is what makes it art.

Think about how this can apply to your life. So many things we need to do can be done in more than one way. Different ways can look different, feel different, and be different. Cleaning your house can be done to music, doing your taxes can be done with further education first resulting in a bigger refund, a recipe can be changed up to add spices or more vegetables. No matter how routine something may seem, it can always be changed a little with some creativity, often for the better. There is really no limit to how basic the task can be, as the inventor of the electric toothbrush can likely verify.

Bring art to your life. You never know what could change.

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