It is so inspiring to meet someone who is living their purpose. Someone who discovered something that they love, something that has them forgetting they are at work, and doing this much of their day. It is so easy to get caught up outside of our purpose. We find a job to pay the bills, we work at it until we start climbing a ladder we never wanted to climb, and one day it is all forgotten.

Most companies are the result of someone else living THEIR purpose. A founder needed help along the way and found it in the form of employees. Some employees might be doing exactly what they are meant to be doing, and are just as happy as a founder might be. I love what I am doing, my math ability is being used daily to solve real-world problems, which makes me excited, and lets me do what I love. Unfortunately, many other people do not say the same thing.

When we are living toward our purpose, we know it. We wake up excited to go to work. We want to eat better so we have more energy. We smile more, we inspire more. There is no doubt what this looks like, everyone is familiar even if it does not describe us. If this does not describe you, then consider what can be done so it does. You were put on this planet for a reason, why not do something about it?

Purpose. It means so much, whether we choose for it to be at the forefront or not. Put it at the forefront!

2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. I need your advice. What is someone to do who just lost their job due to no fault of their own and is on a mental downward spiral because of it?? ;((

    Jamie Shankweiler


    • Start by reading my post yesterday. There is “what happened” and there is “my story about what happened”. These are two different things. Yes it’s a tough situation but it happens, it is your choice if you want to then let it get you down. There’s millions of jobs out there, identify conditions of satisfaction and find another.

      On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 8:39 AM, David Kravitz Coaching wrote: > >

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