Traveling does so much to broaden your horizons. It expands your ability to see the context of others, which helps you relate to all types of people. It teaches you that you can live with much less than you likely have, a lesson that many Americans could use. And it’s usually highly enjoyable. There are so many great places to go, whether it is to a city or to a countryside or to an island.

I try to take 4 trips per year. This is my promise to myself, 4 trips is necessary for my conditions of satisfaction. It’s a good goal, it allows variety, and it allows for my "places to see" checklist to be eliminated relatively fast. You are welcome to set any such goal yourself, and I invite you to truly examine what would be a good goal for you. Even when you are so in love with your life that you don’t want to leave, traveling is still a great idea. Your life, your work, and your family is always there when you return.

Travel! It’s your planet, go see it!

And on that note I will catch you in 2015! Thank you for support of this blog, it’s such a pleasure when so many people appreciate my writing.

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