Make The Life Of Your Dreams

Last year brought a lot of change for me. I changed states, started a new job, left a relationship, and pretty much my entire life is different now, at least by anything measured externally. Ultimately I knew that my essence was coming with me wherever I chose to go, and so with this work intact I decide that I wanted things which truly and honestly make me feel excited. Living by the beach with great weather makes me excited to wake up in the morning. So does my current job, I love what I am working on and I look forward to getting back to it every day. While I loved my vacation, I was truly missing my home and my work while I was gone.

For anyone still looking for a new year’s resolution, I challenge you to make it very simple: "Create a life that makes you excited to wake up in the morning." I hope that sounds better than "exercise more" or "lose weight" or "cook breakfast every day" and it has much larger rewards when it happens. This goal is different for everybody, and it is perhaps unknown for many of us, but I promise you it exists for every single person on this planet. The first step is to identify what that dream life might look like. What are your conditions of satisfaction? What exists now that would no longer be present? What do you need to change about yourself to get there? From there, decide what is in your way of getting there and start to do something about it.

Make the life of your dreams. There’s no better New Year’s Resolution than that.

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