Love People as They Are

When I was in Thailand, I visited the tigers. They are huge, ferocious animals who are trained to be nice to the people who visit. However this isn’t perfect, there was one person who had their camera stolen and destroyed. Also, the trainers tell you not to use flash, not to approach them from behind, not to pet their head, and a few other important warnings. Without these warnings, catastrophe can happen, as the tigers can react quite violently.

Getting to know people can be similar. There may be topics which someone does not want to speak about. No matter your intention in a type of interaction, there may be something which leads to an unpleasant reaction from someone else. Many of us are discouraged by this, trying to "fix" what is wrong or put it out in the open to be the savior. What if instead this was just something to learn about a new person? What if instead, falling in love with people meant acknowledging that sometimes people do things that we do not always find logical?

Love people as they are. Just like we avoid the head of a tiger and scratch the belly instead, if someone is in process about something, let them be in process without trying to be a solution. Find another way, it’s part of what makes loving people so enjoyable.


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