Triggering is Rarely in the Moment

Last night I was filling my giant water bottle, and the woman in front of me apparently didn’t get the change she expected. After losing 45 cents, she yelled at 2 different employees for several minutes until one resolved the situation by paying her out of his pocket. This is a teachable moment for all of us.

Things don’t go our way every single day. Some are caused by machines, some by natural disasters, some by cancers, some by criminals. Things which don’t go our way can be small like 45 cents, or large like a bad accident, and they usually aren’t "fair" if you want to really get technical. But they will always happen. Sometime between childhood and adulthood, we realize that most things don’t have a lasting effect, and we learn to just accept that lots of things will not go our way without it ruining our day.

Usually when we have trouble letting things go that don’t have a lasting effect, it is an indicator of something else which is really the trigger. If you are truly happy with who you are, and who you are being, then you likely will not get triggered by trivial details. The next time you find yourself triggered by something which you are sure is non-lasting, I invite you to identify what is really bothering you. Do the work and identify what is really putting you in this place of irritability. It likely will be confronting for you and not easy, but the reward is that by this confrontation, you will break down a wall which is keeping you from inner peace.

Triggering is rarely in the moment. It is much more often from something else, and this is something else worth identifying.

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