Be You

There was a fascinating study recently showing likely causes of addition. (You can read the article here if you’d like: The Real Cause of Addiction). Long story very short, the biggest root cause of addiction was not having a good life. Those who had what they really wanted turned down the drugs once they realized what they were. It also points out that anyone saying chemical factors play in (i.e. nicotine, cocaine) would be very interested to know that the gamblers addictions were just as bad as the chemical ones. With no chemicals involved, the gamblers were every bit as addicted.

The lesson here for all of us is that it is always best to do the work on your own life. External circumstances will happen. You may get hurt tomorrow. You may also meet the person of your dreams, you may decide to change jobs or locations, or any number of things. The only constant factor throughout all of it is you. If something is in your way to truly be who you want to be, do whatever work is necessary to get it out of your way. Doing this work subsequently means that you are not in a place where you’ll need external factors to make you happy. Whatever the pattern is, you are the one with the power to break it. Being who you are truly meant to be makes that many times easier.

Be you. Do this regardless of what is happening externally and you will change what comes to you.

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