The Pizza Man Test

In college, I used to order pizzas a lot. Often when I was studying hard, which was very often back then, I would get a pizza and get very excited by its arrival. The pizza meant "real food" and somehow the entire process of it being delivered, brought out of the warmer super-hot, and the first time opening the box conditioned me to be excited. I don’t eat pizza too often anymore, but I hope everyone reading can relate to this feeling, one way or another.

Today I am going to take a leap and relate this to relationships. One thing I am often hearing is from people who are upset because someone doesn’t call back, someone doesn’t want to see them again, or on the flip side of that they are seeing a person who does not seem to be excited. The term I give to gauging this is called the Pizza Man Test. If you are dating somebody who is on their way over to see you, would you be excited? Would you be more excited than if a pizza was on its way over? As silly of a question as this may sound, the answer is "no" surprisingly often. If the answer is "no" then it is time to evaluate your choice to be with this person.

On the flip side of this, you deserve to be with somebody who is excited about you. If they are not making time to call you back, or fit you into their seemingly busy schedule, or in general be excited about you, then it is time to move on. Perhaps after you move on they have some time away and come back with a new found excitement, but if someone cannot generate this excitement for you then it is truly and honestly time to move on. Simply stated, you deserve someone who will be more excited about you than they would be about the pizza man. I am sorry to be the messenger if you really had hopes for this person, but I promise it is better to know now than down the road after a lot of wasted effort. If someone would rather see a pizza arrive at their door than you, then you need to stop making them a priority in your life.

The pizza man test. Consider it as you are pursuing a relationship, in both directions.

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