There Is No Perfect Time

Last night’s football game had a very unlikely hero. He was not supposed to be on the field but thanks to injuries and formations, a new player was out there and managed to make one of the most influential plays in Super Bowl history. While it was a great moment, the thing to remember is that real life does not usually work like a sporting event. In sports, someone has to win and someone has to lose. This means that there will be a hero for every game. It is not a question of "if" but a question of "who" and it will happen before the end.

Movies work the same way. Because viewers have to meet, become acquainted with, and learn details about a person in very little time, circumstances often end up being "perfect" in much the same way. The stars all seem to line up for exactly what the ending is.

In real life, there is often not a perfect time. If you are thinking of changing jobs, you probably won’t have one end and the other begin on exactly the same day. If you are thinking of moving, the perfect place does not appear right when your current place becomes unavailable. Meeting somebody special does not happen when every single detail aligns perfectly, it happens when you are living life. Unlike the football game last night, we do not find ourselves having the perfect thing happen at exactly the right time, timing like that only happens when the options are very limited, which is never the case in real life.

Spend time working on you, so you can be in your essence as much as possible. Then when something does come along, you are able to choose from a place of power and love. This way of being makes you available so things do work out. If something is in your way of being happy, or available, or willing, then do the work to get it out of your way. That is the only way to be ready when great things do come along.

There is no perfect time. But you can make it a great time by being who you are meant to be.

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