Make Yourself A Complaint-Free Zone

There are always times when circumstances do not go our way. This does not mean that you are not successful, in fact breakdowns are usually a huge part of being successful, because big dreams do not come without big obstacles. The choice lies in how you handle these unfavorable circumstances.

Some people like to complain, meaning they like to report what happened without really offering any ideas toward the future, and without offering any responsibility for what happened in the past. This is not recommended. Not only is it not productive, but it is a start to a downward spiral, meaning that usually we fall further before exiting.

The next time you find yourself complaining, change the conversation. Instead, decide what it is you need to do to get back on track towards your goals. Also, remember that your world is a reflection of you. Complaining attracts a much different type of response than responsibility, and also if you are unhappy about something which keeps happening, then perhaps it is time to identify what you are doing to attract this.

Make yourself a complaint-free zone. The benefits are further than you can imagine when you are inside the opposite.

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