Make Holidays What You Want Them To Be

Listening to the radio this morning, there was a lot of talk about Valentine’s Day. It seems to have developed into a negative idea more than a positive. People in relationships suddenly feel pressure because it has to be more special than any other day. People who are single suddenly feel down because it is a day to celebrate relationships. Those who do choose to celebrate happily find much difficulty making reservations, or finding flowers, because of the huge increase in demand. Much like many other things in this country, I believe this is an effect of advertising setting the trends, likely for all the wrong reasons.

If you want to make this a day to celebrate a wonderful relationship, whether it is old or new, go ahead and do it! Don’t feel pressure, don’t feel anything other than happiness if you choose to make it a special day. If you want to ignore it so it is like any other day on the calendar, go ahead and ignore it. If you want to celebrate by going to a concert, or going on a hike, or staying inside with Netflix, it is always your choice. When advertisers heavily push something, many people find it unacceptable to ignore, almost needing a "reason" to decline. You do not need any such reason, you can participate or ignore anything you would like, that is always your choice.

Make holidays what you want them to be. Make every day what you want it to be! This is your life, just because advertisers try to make money for greeting card companies does not mean you need to change anything, unless you truly want to. Celebrate anything that you want to celebrate, how you want to celebrate it.


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