Remember You Are Strong

I’m willing to bet that most people would describe themselves as a "strong" person. Everyone has a different definition, but ultimately, we all think it. Of course this does not have to refer to physical strength, it can mean overcoming obstacles of all types. My definition of strength has always been "the ability to move obstacles in your way."

Remember that the next time there is something big that you want to get done. Of course there will be obstacles in the way, if there weren’t then it wouldn’t be a big thing to do, it would already be completed. Whether it’s starting a business, or moving, or moving on from a relationship, there will always be obstacles. But you are a strong person, and the only way to stay strong is to continue moving heavy objects. Even further, the obstacles will get heavier as you go, this has to be the case because as you get stronger, the original objects become easy and effortless to move.

Remember you are strong. Obstacles will always be in the way, but you describe yourself as a strong person. This means you have what it takes to move them.

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