Enjoy The Experiences Of Others

The more interactions we have with other people, the more other people will do things which we may find undesirable. This is nothing more than simple mathematics, more opportunities means more of every type of result. Often I hear people get upset saying things to the effect of “I would have handled that situation completely different than they did, but they did it another way and so I’m upset.”

First, remember that interacting with many others with lots of other experiences is what makes life enjoyable. Seeking only people who are exactly like you is usually not what we aim to do. Second, know that people make decisions from a large variety of factors, including many things of which you are unaware, including all of these experiences different from yours. Instead of getting upset because their decision is “wrong” and your way would have been “right” instead just know that you are interacting with somebody with much different experiences than you.

Enjoy the experiences of others. Enjoy finding out what they are, and seeing how they affect decisions. It is a much better choice than making others wrong.


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