Set Your Goals By What You Want

Last night I had a dream that I was inside during a snowstorm. While that does not happen where I live in Southern California, snow is only two hours away if I want to drive to it. Other than perhaps this dream I haven’t found myself missing snow, but if I miss it then I certainly can make this happen. I’m here now because what I really wanted was to live by the beach with sunny weather, so that is what I created.

I hear a lot from people about things they miss. It can be anything from weather to being in a relationship, to having a dog, to playing records. If there truly is something which you miss, find a way to get it in your life. Maybe it is as a visitor, maybe more permanent, but once you distinguish what you really want in your life, find a way to get it. You’d be surprised what is available as long as you make the effort from a determined place.

Set your goals by what you want. Then, once a goal is important enough to you, head towards it until you are there.

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