Appreciate Feedback, Even Negative

Being around other people will, at times, result in others
occasionally not being pleased with your actions. Sometimes there are just conflicts, sometimes it is completely the result of other people having their own stuff going on and choosing to react to you for that reason. The only way to truly avoid ever making anyone feel unhappy is to live in a place where you will never see anybody else, something which is not recommended.

If you receive negative feedback from someone else, first of all be appreciative. Instead of ignoring you, or moving on from you, another person chose to give feedback and presumably to continue the relationship. Regardless of who is “right” or even if anybody is, do not forget to be appreciative here. Second, know that you can react however you would like here.

I see all types of reactions here, from shutting off, to becoming disappointed in yourself, to vowing to change from this day forward, to blaming the person who gave feedback for being wrong. Your reaction is always your decision, but the big thing to remember is that no one is “right.” Somebody else felt something, based on their lifetime of experiences, interacting with you at this moment in time. That is the only fact. Everything else which happens from there is your decision.

Appreciate feedback, even negative. Think of it as a form of love.

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