Should or Need?

There are a few things in this world we need to do. We need to eat and drink water, we need to stay within the law, etc.. There is a very different question when it comes to “should.” I hear many different things as it pertains to should, everything from where to spend holidays, to how to spend your weekend, what age to find a spouse, what kind of job to have, where to live, staying in
relationships which aren’t positive, how strictly to follow religion, and many, many others.

As a general rule, “should” comes from other people. These other people may have our best interest at heart, but they are not you. Just because somebody says that you should be doing something does not mean that you have to. Somebody saying should only means that their context says it is important. Letting should govern your actions is a choice that you make, and a choice that you may want to reconsider. As long as needs are met, shoulds are optional.

Should or need? Truly identify which is the case.


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