Disagreements Happen, Be Thankful!

The more you get out there and try new things, the more there will be disagreements. This is not because anything is wrong with you, or with the people you meet, this is simply because not everyone sees the same way about everything. Simple math says that the more people with whom you interact, the more times you will find disagreement.

There are a few things which can help in any such situation. First, never respond to the other person with "this is because you are ___." Every other person feels what they feel, and believes what they believe, saying that they are something (such as uptight, wrong, stupid) is never a way to relate. Always start with your own feelings. Second, results are usually better when you discuss from your point of view. Saying "I feel that there is a disagreement because I feel like this" is much better than starting with the other person, this can serve to make them wrong. Third, acknowledge that this truly is a great part of life. It may sound great at times that everyone can see things your way, but even if this were possible, it would make life much less exciting.

Disagreements happen, be thankful! You get to see somebody’s true self.

P.S. I am signed up for a walk for MS in April. MS is an awful illness which can be truly debilitating to good people. Small donations to help me meet my fundraising goal would be much appreciated!

One thought on “Disagreements Happen, Be Thankful!

  1. Hello Dave! Love your blog. I see you are doing the MS walk in April. So am I! “In Loving Memory of Claire,” my mother – that’s our team name we use every year. Hope all is well! ❤ Jaime

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