Step Over Obstacles

This weekend I visited home, flying to Philadelphia. Several people I spoke with in the airport and on the flight were very interested in moving to San Diego, but expressed that they did not think it was possible. The number one reason was lack of career options, and other reasons followed.

If it means a lot to you, then design a project and make it happen. Anything standing in your way is story, it’s not really there. There is always another way to make a living, always another way to find a job, always another place to live. Dismissing an entire city because of a story is not only not factual, it is being unfair to yourself.

Of course, this not only applies to where you live, this applies to anything which is important to you. Whatever the goal, set it and make it happen. Decide what is truly in your way, not just story, and find a way to move it. Making a decision that obstacles are immovable is limiting yourself. It may be easier to do this, but it isn’t creating the life of your dreams.

Step over obstacles. Learning to live with them instead is a choice, and one you do not have to make.

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