People Make Mistakes

Today’s post comes courtesy of The Price Is Right. Here is the clip if you would like to watch. The model accidentally gave away the price of the car, and thus the chance of the contestant winning went from 50% to 100%. The host reacted by laughing. While the model realized what she did, she hit behind the sign out of embarrassment, and the host just kept on laughing. The contestant celebrated, the model continued to try to hide, and the host continued to laugh. There is a great lesson here for everybody.

Everyone around you will mess up at some point. People are human beings, therefore they are not perfect with every one of their actions. They will forget something important, they will say things they don’t mean, they will get in accidents, they will be late, and even after reminders this will all continue. This is truly a fact of life, and nothing you do will change that. However, how you respond to it is your choice.

What if the next time someone messes up, you just acted pleasant? What if instead of pointing out the mistake, or making the other person feel ashamed or embarrassed, what if you just laughed? How would it change your relationship with the person who messed up? How would it change how you feel about yourself? How would it change your life?

People make mistakes. How you react to it is your choice.


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