The Food Babe

Today’s post is about the Food Babe. On the surface, she makes her living blogging about foods which are seemingly good or bad for you, listing chemicals which are deemed harmful and should be avoided. She seems to have about one million "likes" on Facebook and roughly the same on Twitter, enough to get a substantial payment for any post. This article lists a lot of facts from actual nutritionists, refuting a lot of what she has said, proving that much of it was for monetary reasons (i.e. sponsors requesting that she writes positively about them) and written without education.

There are several lessons in here which I see. First of all, truly and honestly no one can complain that they have no way to make a living. The Food Babe proves that not only do you not need a degree, or knowledge, or even factual information, but if you are willing to do some work then you can still find a way to generate income. For all we know, the pictures of her are not even the same person. Most people did not even knew her real name until this article. Anyone reading this could have done the same thing if they chose to do so.

Second, the Food Babe is a great example of somebody who puts money first as it pertains to how to make a living, and not everybody is this way. This is a great question when it comes to what you really want to do. In fact, the first question I ask clients when we are discussing how to generate new income is to rank the importance of money, fame, respect, integrity, making a contribution, and title. This blog is hopefully good evidence of how I feel, I am much more interested in making a contribution. Yes clients have approached me as a result of this blog, but it is certainly not the most efficient way to find them. But, there are many other people in this world who put money first, even if it means selling things which are faulty and/or not factual.

Finally, be very wary of what you read on the internet. Anytime you do read "facts" put on the internet, be careful when acting on them. Whether it’s health or finance or news, you never truly know the motivation behind a post. It may be there just for the benefit of the writer, and there is very little requiring them to have integrity.

The Food Babe. A very clever way to generate income, clearly motivated by money, and a great example of what should be considered when you read something on the internet.


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