Hope is a very interesting word. The dictionary definition says "a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen" which sounds about right to me. Despite this definition, the context that people have around it seems to be completely different from person to person.

When starting toward a new goal or a new project, there is an automatic feeling of optimism which comes with it. This is only natural, we don’t set out to climb a mountain without at least an inkling of what it might feel like to stand at the top. That being said, many people treat hope differently, not in conjunction with a goal. Some people stay at a job they don’t like hoping that another one magically calls on the phone one day. Others sit home watching TV hoping that the person of their dreams shows up at their door. And still others wish they could get in shape while eating fast food several times per week. This is a much different type of hope, and one that is not nearly as healthy.

Hope is a great thing, but do the work to distinguish where it is coming from. Is hope part of a personal project in which you are actively engaged, or is it something you want to see happen out of thin air? Distinguishing your hope is a very important process.

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