Make Your Own Decisions

Watching the demise of some of the huge names in this country has been fascinating. McDonald’s has been the number one "restaurant" for years, and now they are getting to the point of closing several stores. Similarly the sales of sodas are drastically down. People have always known that McDonald’s and Pepsi are bad for us, but the purchases are only dropping recently. Watching the advertisements of McDonald’s has been another thing entirely. They are producing one new slogan after another, one new ad campaign after another, all in an attempt to get people back again.

There are many lessons to learn from this, but let the biggest one be about advertising. Big companies like this employ hundreds of people whose job it is to advertise in a way that will get you to buy their product. These people are not out to make the product better, they are not out to make it healthier, they are there solely to try to find a way to get you, the consumer, to buy their product. Seeing advertising for something means one thing and one thing only: someone’s job is to make an advertisement for that company.

Further, just because something is "popular" or "number one" also does not mean you need to buy it. This type of thing used to be a big selling point, but it seems like today’s culture has shifted on this view. I hope this goes without saying, but just because something is popular does not mean you need it.

Make your own decisions. Never do something simply because it is popular, or because it seems to be the right thing. Make your own decisions, and make them with conviction. Just because something is popular does not necessarily mean it is good, and it does not mean you need to do it or buy it. The world is definitely heading in this direction gradually, it will be very interesting to see where things go from here.

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