Get to Know Context of Others

One fascinating thing I learned on my Safari trip was about zebras and their stripes. Zebras have one main enemy in the wild, and that is the lion. The lions are viscous killers with one big limitation – they do not have good depth perception. Lions see a group of zebras and think it is one very large striped animal, and subsequently choose to stay away. It is only zebras who are alone who get hunted.

Most of us never would have imagined this to be the case. We see a group of zebras and know it is a group of defenseless animals, and naturally assume the lions would see the same thing. This assigning context is often what we do with other people as well. If someone does or says something that we do not like, before making any decision to get upset, ask yourself if you understand their context. For this other person, it may have come from a completely different place. This place may be one that not only you do not understand, but perhaps you can not even imagine without knowing about it.

Get to know context of others. It is a great way to truly connect, and it really helps you be at peace.

One thought on “Get to Know Context of Others

  1. I really love this and believe that we do that for perceived lions of our lives. I like the opportunity to take a look at the context before running from the threat. Thanks David.

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